C 0000001 Civil Defense Grade Electronics

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This spec is very likely to change.

Civil Defense Grade Electronics is like "military grade" electronics, except that it has the relaxations to its specification that are described at the following list:

  • Its operating temperature range can be the classical 0∘C..70∘C.
  • It keeps on operating without faults for years if it is separated from fresh nuclear fallout by a 20cm thick layer of sand, provided that the radioactive material is not flushed into the sand by water, for example, rainwater.
  • It can withstand nearby lightning strikes and EMP-bomb explosions if it is shielded by cooking-foil or other conductive metal film of that thickness. It is OK for that metal film to have some nonconductive mechanical support.
  • The minimum size of its components, transistors, is, preferably, not smaller than about 400 atoms, id est preferably it is not produced by using a manufacturing process that creates components smaller than 200nm. (Historically CPUs with 200nm feature size have had a clock frequency of ~550MHz and a single-core, single-hw-thread-ed AMD desktop CPU of that era that used out-of-order-execution had a power consumption of ~50W.)