C 0000016 mmmv folder structure for ID labeled artifacts t2

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It's the same as the mmmv_folder_structure_for_ID_labeled_artifacts_t1, except that the artifacts are always files and the folders that contain an artifact also contain a folder that is named

    <artifact file name>_artifact_record

The format of the contents of the artifact record folder is intentionally left unspecified by this specification.

Implementation Notes

The artifact name and its records folder name related parsing can be avoided by looking, which of them is a file and which of them is a folder. They can be distinguished from each other also by using the fact that the artifact file name is specification wise guaranteed to be shorter than the artifact record folder name. The use of this specification can be avoided by using 2 mmmv_folder_structure_for_ID_labeled_artifacts_t1 instances: one for artifacts and another one for artifact record folders.