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The phrase "comments archive" is derived from the IETF phrase "Request for Comments"(RFC), except that all of the comments here are drafts that can change. A wiki logs changes, records all versions, so nothing is lost with changes. As long as this wiki is online, links to this wiki will probably work, because a rule here is that the wiki pages get changed, but never deleted. With the exception of optimization quirk related code comments, API documentation code comments and code generation related code comments the role of a code comment is to explain, why the solution that is implemented in code, was chosen over some other solution(s) or what might be the specification that the code tries to meet. From that point of view it is possible to imagine a gradient, where at one end of the gradient there is an elaborate standard document and at the other end of the gradient there is a code comment. The pages of this wiki reside anywhere on that gradient.

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